About Us

karakyb.com is one of the country’s leading online services specializing in getting you approved for a vehicle purchase, regardless of your past credit. We are a nationwide service that works with auto dealers and finance specialists.

We are the best when it comes to matching you with the most competitive finance terms on the Net, regardless of your past credit history. We say “Yes” when everyone else says “No.”

karakyb.com was formed by a family that has been helping people obtain automotive financing. We have partnered with banks, finance companies, and dealerships all over the country to find you the best vehicle at the best rates. We will provide you with a non-embarrassing and non-confrontational approach to financing.

Did you know?
Almost 80% of the adult population has had some sort of blemish on their credit report.

Nearly 60% of the population cannot obtain a conventional bank loan on their own.

If you have had some sort of credit challenge in the past, don’t worry. We only partner with companies that specialize in non-prime automotive financing. Our goal is to take the pressure and hassle of obtaining financing out of the car buying process before you ever step foot in a car dealership.

Our application is one of the easiest and fastest to complete on the Internet. The process is completely secure and will only take a few short minutes. After completing our secure credit application, your information will be sent to the nearest qualified service provider in your area. A loan specialist will then speed into action to finalize your approval. It really is that simple.